Pop Punk Meets Rockabilly Romance in a Ghost Town

Wilde Moon Photography

July 11, 2024

Meara and Jake had their wedding in the same place as their first date—Historic Ophir, Utah. Although getting permission to marry there was tricky, in the end it all came together perfectly! Their wedding date was also the anniversary of their first date.

“We wanted our wedding to reflect our personalities and the things we love,” Meara shared. “Knowing I wanted a non-traditional wedding dress helped form the theme around the dress.”

The couple embraced a 1950s rockabilly theme with bold colours of black, hot pink and purple – the bride’s hair even matched. Their ceremony featured a handfasting, and their officiant was instrumental in helping them navigate a ceremony that bridged the bride’s Wiccan beliefs, the groom’s non-religious views, and his family’s Mormon faith. “Our officiant was amazing in helping bridge this issue,” Meara shared. “We are so grateful for her!”

Meara was walked down the aisle accompanied by her grandson to a version of Elvis’ Can’t Help Falling in Love by Bestest Mensch, the groom’s favourite song. “It was a surprise to my husband-to-be,” she said. “I did not know when I picked this song that it was his favourite.”

Due to the constraints of a Monday wedding, Meara and Jake opted for a simple family dinner on the night of their ceremony and planned a larger celebration for the following Saturday. The weekend party continued the 1950s theme with homemade strawberry shortcake cupcakes.

“We wanted to focus on our love story and unique personalities rather than the material details”, Meara concluded. “The only thing I wish we did differently was let others help me more! It’s your day; make sure to take time to enjoy the moments you have. It’s about you joining your lives together and not playing host.”