L.O.M Unveils Wedding & Couture Collection!

May 14, 2024

Renowned for adorning festival fields and vibrant playas worldwide, the iconic brand L.O.M, are now embarking on a new chapter with the launch of their wedding and couture collection. While this transition may surprise some loyal L.O.M customers, it heralds a return to Louise’s roots in bridal fashion, having previously founded her own successful bridalwear brand in 2009. Now, merging her expertise, she introduces L.O.M Wedding and L.O.M Gold to the world, offering a seamless blend of tradition and alternative flair.

We sat down with designer Louise O’Mahony to learn all about this new direction for the brand.

What is L.O.M Gold and L.O.M Wedding?

Exciting new collections and services that we are going to be offering alongside our classic festival pieces; but aimed at nearlyweds! L.O.M Wedding embraces a touch of tradition, catering to those seeking classic elegance with an L.O.M touch, while L.O.M Gold presents a more alternative range, perfect for red carpet events and special occasions beyond the aisle.

What was the inspiration behind the decision to add alternative bridal, and red carpet pieces to your festival fashion ranges?

Whilst I will still be creating festival wear for our loyal customers, I know that times are changing, and it isn’t as easy as it once was to add to your party wardrobe regularly, and especially to invest in high quality pieces handmade in the UK. I recognised the need to diversify the brand’s offerings. The decision to incorporate alternative bridal and red carpet pieces was fueled by a desire to infuse creativity back into my work, while adapting to economic shifts.

How do you envision your brand contributing to the alternative wedding landscape?

There are couples who want to boldly express their personalities on their wedding day, and I aim to empower them through my designs. With a clientele likely to be drawn from the vibrant festival and party scene, I hope to combine my couture skills and experience, with a penchant for vibrant colours and eclectic styles, creating unforgettable pieces that resonate with individuality.

What services will you be offering?

The initial collection offers ready-to-wear pieces available in sizes 6-22 or tailored to individual measurements, with ample room for customisation. Additionally, a bespoke service allows for the creation of unique, personalised designs.

Customised suits and dresses are also a feature that I am really excited about – I’ll be encouraging people to send us their suits and dresses to customise, adding on decor and details to elevate their pieces.

We will also be hosting open studio weekends in Brighton for personalised consultations.

What kind of price range are the pieces?

Accessories start at £95, the clothing pieces range from £350 to £3,500 depending on how complicated the design is and what fabrics are used. Pricing works on an adjustable spectrum, where the customer can remove some elements of a design to make it more affordable for them; for example, some of the pieces with beadwork take days to sew, and that adds to the cost, but the designs are created so that they also work really well without them if it isn’t in your budget. I want to create high end pieces but also want to provide more affordable options for people so that there is something for every price range.

How do you see your brand fitting into the broader conversation surrounding inclusivity and diversity in the wedding industry?

L.O.M has been an inclusive brand for a long time, and I want to continue that with this new direction. I’m aiming to showcase a variety of body types, skin tones, and nonconformist styles across our platforms, and reaffirming our commitment to being queer-friendly.

Most of our pieces will be available in sizes 6-22 and custom sizing will also be available above that for many pieces.

What does this mean for the festival side of things?

We are remaining dedicated to our festival roots! I will still be creating a capsule lycra collection this year, and a new print is already in the works! I’m really excited about the future and creating pieces for both festival and party lovers, and also nearlyweds!

With its latest collection, L.O.M emerges as a beacon of creativity, offering distinctive pieces tailored for those seeking authenticity and individuality on their wedding day. From vibrant festival wear to sophisticated bridal couture, the brand invites clients to embrace their unique style while investing in meticulously crafted garments, epitomising the spirit of celebration and self-expression.

You can shop the new collection online at lomfashion.co.uk/collections/wedding and don’t forget to follow them on socials to get exclusive behind the scenes in the studio @l.o.m_fashion.