Boho Western Vintage Wedding

Gracie May Photography

May 15, 2024

The Garden Club of Jacksonville was the location Madison and Michael chose to celebrate their marriage in June. Having eloped in the backyard of their new home in North Carolina previously, the couple was free to design a reception that mirrored their creative souls rather than conventional formalities.

“We did pretty much everything ourselves”. the bride told us. “We are both very creative so all of it was planned by us. That felt special. I would say, being neurodivergent made it difficult to do things in a timely manner though. We would either procrastinate for days or hyper-fixate and get a shit ton done in a few hours. Gotta work with the ADHD not against it I suppose!”

Everything about Madison and Michael’s reception was personal. From the handcrafted floral arrangements made with faux flowers to the wooden arch crafted by Michael’s dad, which now serves as a headboard in their bedroom. Madison, an artist, and Michael, a musician, poured their creativity into every detail.

The bride’s lavender dress, custom-made by Rebecca Schoneveld, broke from tradition in the most stunning way, adding a pop of colour that echoed the day’s unique vibe. She accessorised it with a cowboy hat and boots, to fit the theme of the day.

Doing everything themselves saved them lots of money, in fact their biggest cost wasn’t part of the day at all, it was the honeymoon!

“You do you boo”, Madison advises in conclusion. “People will have expectations. Society will say something has to be done some way or another. But at the end of the day, you’re marrying your partner, not society or your parents or some relatives that hate fun. Do what is authentic to your relationship and set the tone for your marriage.”