Colourful Boho Wedding With a Touch of Disco

Heimat Verhalen

March 5, 2024

Married in a woodland setting in Wetteren, Belgium, Ellen and Matthias’ day reflected their love for nature and their creative spirits. The result was a day filled with colourful details, homemade elements and plenty of unforgettable moments, all under the canopy of the great outdoors. They day even ended with a real life rainbow to bless their union.

“We created our own concept and styling”, the bride told us. “The venue was nice and in a really natural setting, but pretty basic. We put together a moodboard and made the decorations ourselves.”

The ceremony, held in a red and white big top style marquee was a highlight, with music playing a central role. Despite initially deciding against live music to save on money, Ellen secretly arranged a pianist and cellist – Matthias was happily surprised when they started playing her down the aisle! The musical selections ranged from Elvis Presley’s Can’t Help Falling in Love with You to Led Zeppelin’s Whole Lotta Love.

The vows were another standout moment, because Matthias sang his! Ellen explained, “He’s a music enthusiast himself,” Ellen explained, “He poured his vows into a song and it was super romantic. I cried the whole time.”

The reception was a continuation of the day’s playful spirit, with a candy ‘cake’ with a cake topper made as a nod to their cats, Pix’l and Ray, who couldn’t be there. They also made the goodie bags for their guests to take away themselves.

Ellen and Matthias’s journey to the altar was filled with lessons and insights. “Plan it together and divide the work”, the bride advised in conclusion. “Give yourself enough time to plan and save money too, that way you can spread the costs.”