Intimate Wedding in the Middle of the Ocean: Thomas & Kimberly

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Have you ever heard of a couple deciding to get married and do so within 12 short hours? And, no, a couple in a movie don’t count! Well that’s exactly what Thomas & Kimberly did whilst on holiday in Belize. They were married, just the two of them, in the middle of the ocean, on a sandbar in Ambergris Caye.

“We like to be laid-back, relaxed and chilled”, explained the bride. “We wanted to avoid any wedding planning stress, and to instead spend our time enjoying the sand, water, and each other. We wanted an event that would set the bar high for our life together, and we were very lucky to find Keli Engleson from “I Do” Belize Weddings. Keli coordinated the whole wedding in less than 12 hours. We were so excited about the location she suggested and she was great to work with. The ceremony itself was beautiful and touching.”

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What first attracted me to this story though was their amazing and dramatic wedding photographs, taken by local photographer Leonardo Melendez. While the trend for a lot of wedding photography is still very (sorry but there really is no other word to describe it…) vintage-inspired, his work is bold, daring and as far removed from vintage as possible! “We had a great time having our pictures taken with Leonardo,” Kimberly continued. “He is the best in Belize as far as far as we are concerned. He came up with some really creative ideas.”

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“After the ceremony we had a private dinner, just the two of us, which was served on the patio of our beach cabana. We didn’t have a cake. Instead we had a champagne toast in the middle of the ocean on the sandbar after saying ‘I DO’! We can honestly say that the day was as near perfect as it could be and we wouldn’t have wanted to do it any other way.”

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  1. Nettie

    Oh wow. How perfect is this? Two people, completely in love thinking “lets just do this, right now!”

  2. Toomanytigers

    Absolutely love it – this is how we might have been if it had *just* been up to me! The photos are stunning too, they were very lucky to have such an amazing photographer right there… congratulations guys, hope the rest of your lives together are as fun as your wedding day looks!

  3. Yep hot is definitely a word I would use to describe this! Such beautiful photographs of a gorgeous couple, love it.

  4. Stephanie

    They are so lucky that they got that location, photographer, etc. on such short notice and it all turned out LOVELY! Not all spontaneous weddings are chronicled so beautifully!

  5. Hayley Smith

    This is absolutely stunning, I don’t think a wedding could be any more perfect!

  6. These pics are scorching hot man… sizzling, what a couple! BTW, this isn’t related but what is that Jansport backpacks girls doing in one of the pics?

  7. OMG this wedding is awesome. The photography is just stunning. This is my favourite RnRB post ever. Leonardo Melendez totally frickin’ rocks. Well jel!

  8. Jenny

    I am an avid fan of Rock and Roll Bride but never comment, however on this I had too, i was truly inspired! I’m not a photographer or anything midly as awesome but holy S**t!! These photos and this wedding is immense beyond words!!
    Apologies for the lack of intellectual words but there are no words in the english language I could put on here to do it justice.
    This is kick ass, beautiful, intimate and awe-inspiring all at the same time. A true love story.
    Thanks Kat and Kimberly and TJ for sharing. And to the amazing photographer for bringing this to my eyeballs!

  9. Wow I have just devoured these images I couldn’t scroll through them fast enough and then had to start again at the beginning and force myself to take my time. This is exactly what a wedding should be, a complete declaration of two people’s feelings for each other expressed in their own way and wrapped up in some kick ass images to treasure. Beautiful & Courageous x

  10. Absolutely gorgeous! Romantic, intimate, flawless — LOVE! Anyone know where the bride got her necklace? It’s amazing!

  11. Simone

    Gosh, the pics are just perfect! I can’t choose a favourite. This is very inspiring.

  12. Clare Hallewell

    WOW……. Such a stunning wedding, very intimate, and those images can tell how much in love the couple are, and that the wedding was the right time right place. Congratulations to them both.


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