Romantic, Boho & Beachy Elopement


Brooke and Jamie were married on a beach in Florida. They had a reception for their loved ones two weeks after. “Jamie said he wanted to get married on the beach and I ran with it”, the bride said. “Our theme was romantic, boho, beachy and casual but with our individual fashion flares.”


The bride’s dress came from Forever 21 and it was $30! “We always coordinate our outfits even at home in our PJs so our outfits ended up being the inspiration and feel for the day. We didn’t have a wedding party or any guests. We wanted it to be just the two of us and I’m so glad we did. It was extremely intimate and not at all intimidating. We knew we would both get emotional and we didn’t want to do so in front of a bunch of people. It was like there was no one else but us there that day. Perfect in every way.”


“The ceremony itself was just the two of us, the photographer, the officiant and the two other people from Tide the Knot Beach Weddings, who helped us plan the day. I had done all the selecting of colours, flowers and details online so I literally had no idea what it would look like. We walked over the hill onto the beach and it was absolutely perfect! Simple and intimate. The tears started to flow for both of us as soon as the officiant started speaking. We pulled ourselves together and repeated our vows. He gave us a minute and proceeded to pronounce us husband and wife! We had a beautiful sand ceremony and were able to take that home as a memento. We also threw stones into the ocean and made wishes for a happy and long life together. It was the most perfect day ever!”




  1. You both are complementing each other so well especially because of your tattoos. Perfect pictures saying everything about the special moments of your big day. Congratulations and may all your wishes come true. Lovely couple.

  2. DeeDee Lynn

    I love the ocean breeze and sound of the waves coming in and out, and the way all your senses feel alive!! Your rings are perfect. Can you tell us where yours was made or designed??

  3. Brooke A Dando

    Thank you so much for the compliments! I’m tearing up again just re-living that day! lol Believe it or not, we got both of our rings at a Fred Meyer jewelry store location inside of a Kroger!! lol. I was in getting a watch battery and started browsing. I saw my ring and was like “that’s it!!” We came back the next weekend and got them both. My husband always says “don’t tell anyone where we got them”. But I’m a terrible liar and I think it speaks volumes about Fred Meyer that they created such a beautiful ring! It’s literally the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen!

  4. Molly A. Dando

    That’s my kid and kid-in-law!
    As always, I’m bursting with pride seeing Brooke and Jamie in your publication. As I said in my little speech at their reception back home, I knew they were right for each other the first time I saw them together. I’m certain those stones they tossed created ripples of love to last them a lifetime.
    Molly Mom

  5. Kristi David

    Man, i adore the two of you !!!! To see my lifetime friend become the man he has & to have found the woman of his dreams is just the most romantic thing ever !!!!!! God love you both !!!!!


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