Starlight Playground on Jane’s Carousel, New York

Amy Sims Photography

January 18, 2024

Amy and Anthony’s wedding, a unique and intimate celebration held at Jane’s Carousel in Brooklyn Bridge Park, was a delightful blend of romance, fun, and personal touches. Dubbing the day “Anthony & Amy’s Starlight Playground”, their wedding showcased both their love story and their connection to the city where that love blossomed.

Chosen as their ceremony location because of its spectacular view of lower Manhattan, Jane’s Carousel has a stunning cityscape backdrop as well as being a really unique place to say their vows. The bride explained, “We were inspired by the idea of sharing the city where we met and spent so much of our relationship in with our family and friends. We wanted our wedding to feel romantic and fun, like everyone was on a date with us. We loved having everyone join us on the carousel at the end of the ceremony for a ride instead of doing a recessional.”

After the ceremony, everybody headed to Celestine, a Mediterranean restaurant for their reception. “We had our florist include eucalyptus in the table arrangements, and our cake design included the Southern Cross constellation (as Anthony is from Australia and you can only see all five stars of it from there),” Amy continued. The puffin bride and groom cake topper and bar sign drawn by a friend, a little inside joke, added a special touche, too.

Their intimate day was filled with memorable memories, from their first-look photos on the Brooklyn Bridge to the quality time spent with family. “My favorite memories were looking out during our ceremony and seeing our family and friends there supporting us,” Amy said.

“Don’t get bogged down in the minutiae of wedding planning”, she concluded. “It’s so easy to get overwhelmed in the process and feel pressured to make decisions that you lose sight of what you really want and what’s important. Take advantage of recommendations from other professionals in the industry and just remember that details fade or sometimes go unnoticed, and it’s the feeling of the day, and the people you share it with that will be remembered.”