Pretty in Pink: A Vintage Village Hall Wedding

Photography by Vicki

December 18, 2015

Pretty in Pink Tattooed Wedding - Photography by Vicki (68)

Danni and Ben, your wedding gives me LIFE. I am so excited to share it on the blog today.

This gorgeous heavily-tattooed pair were hitched in Maidstone, at a venue called Kent Life. “Our wedding theme was a bit of a mixture of 1950s, rural farm life and a tea party!” said Danni. “We love the 1950s anyway, I have a huge collection of dresses already and we just love the music and the dancing. I really love that our wedding was personal to us and wasn’t generic.”

Pretty in Pink Tattooed Wedding - Photography by Vicki (21)

“One of the highlights of the day was our fire breathing burlesque dancer!” she continued. “That’s pretty different to most weddings! We just wanted to be ourselves and also to make sure there was a lot going on all day. I would never want anyone to say they were bored, so we had wooden games, a sweetie table and a Rat Pack tribute. We also had close up magic and it really created such a great atmosphere with people crowding round and laughing!”

Pretty in Pink Tattooed Wedding - Photography by Vicki (31)

The couple opted for a civil ceremony in the village hall. “It was beautiful”, Danni explained. “We had only one child at the whole wedding and she was the flower girl. She’s the daughter of one of Ben’s ushers. She went in front and did such a good job! Then my three beautiful bridesmaids, followed by my dad and I, we walked down the aisle to Ingrid Michaelson, You and I. There were a few laughs in the ceremony and it was nice and relaxed (a though we were so nervous!) We walked back up the aisle to Fleetwood Mac, Everywhere!”

Pretty in Pink Tattooed Wedding - Photography by Vicki (38)

The bride’s gorgeous dress was from Candy Anthony and her bridesmaids wore dresses from Queen of Holloway. “After the venue and catering, the biggest expense was my dress”, she said. “I had originally purchased a cheaper dress, but realised I just wasn’t happy with it. I know it can be done on more of a budget but a Candy Anthony dress was the dream and I just decided to go with it! It was the best decision I made, the whole process was great there. The staff are so lovely and helped so much! I tried on everything until I found a dress that was perfect! The quality and fit was outstanding and the compliments are still coming from people having seen the photos!”

Pretty in Pink Tattooed Wedding - Photography by Vicki (60)

The couple also did plenty of DIY projects. “We made the invitations from recycled brown card. I also did the bunting and lace bows. I sprayed and decorated watering cans and jam jars for table decorations and centrepieces, lined a suitcase and wrote on chalkboards for the gifts and cards. The favours were tea cups which I bought from charity shops. We bagged up some of our favourite sweets and made little luggage tags for the cups so they could be used as the place cards. However the DIY I’m most proud of is my flower crown. I made it from scratch and it came out really well. It did take some time to make everything but it was so worth it and so rewarding, especially seeing everyone’s faces when they saw all the effort that was put in!”

Pretty in Pink Tattooed Wedding - Photography by Vicki (51)

“I know it sounds predictable but the best bit of the day really was having all our closest friends and family there to share it with us”, Danni concluded. “We had such a perfect day and it really was laughs, smiles, hugs and dancing all day! Some of the planning was stressful, I wish I’d know that it wouldn’t always be like the movies, but I really love my guests for being so involved in the theme. The dress code was optional but so many people made an effort to dress in a 1950s style and they looked amazing.”

Pretty in Pink Tattooed Wedding - Photography by Vicki (59)