Vibrant Orange and Pink Wedding with a Robbie Williams Tribute Act

Love Francesca Photo

December 22, 2023

Having previously eloped with just mates and their pugs in a secret ceremony, Evie and Alex’s ‘big’ wedding was a true reflection of the bride’s colourful vision. Evie, who describes herself as “colour obsessed,” wanted a wedding that radiated vibrancy with a touch of European flair. The couple chose the picturesque Crayke Manor in North Yorkshire (now sadly closed) as their venue.

“Our original French wedding was cancelled due to Covid so we wanted to bring the feel of what we were going to do there to the UK”, Evie told us. “I wanted this wedding to have an outdoor Mediterranean feel with British architecture. I also wanted disco, fun and colour!”

Tables were adorned with candles, flowers and small cakes which were decorated with dried flowers instead of having one large cake. They served buffet-style starters right after the ceremony, featuring sushi, fresh-baked bread and olives. “I find canapés awkward,” Evie explained, “and there’s always a lot of waiting around for food at weddings. I wanted the guests to be fed immediately after the service. Our main meal was Greek and then we had a Robbie Williams tribute during dinner to bring in the 90s and get everyone dancing! The entertainment surprising everyone was my favourite part of the day. Guests had just finished their food and he came in singing Robbie hits – everyone was so confused and then had so much fun and it changed the atmosphere so quickly!”

Evie bought (count them!) eight dresses online in the run up to the wedding, and in the end opted for a short dress with feather trim and Prada shades. Her bridesmaids wore a mix match of shades pink and orange.

As with any wedding, there were reflections on what could have been different. For Evie, the morning rush and anxiety was something she didn’t anticipate. “I was so anxious on the morning of the wedding and checking out the window that everything was going right that I didn’t get to focus on myself”, she admits. “I was more concerned for everything going on around me. I wish I’d taken more time to make myself feel comfortable in myself.”