Eclectic & Colourful, 1970s Meets Wes Anderson Lake Side Wedding

Carlos Hernandez Photography

November 1, 2023

Anna and Marston’s vision for their wedding combined their favourite eras and influences – Wes Anderson, the 1970s, and the sophistication of Italian luxury, Instead of opting for a traditional outfits, Anne wore a striking Gucci x Ken Scott dress while Marston was in Ralph Lauren.

They had no bridesmaids or groomsmen, wanting a laid back wedding where their loved ones were free to just enjoy the day. They hired Sabrina of J29 Events to help them plan everything, and she did so to perfection.

Balancing DIY elements with their hired professional’s expertise, the couple infused their personal touches throughout. “We ordered a handful of party accessories (glow sticks etc) on Amazon and custom napkins on Etsy”, explained Anna. “Other than that, we left it up to the professionals. Had we done more DIY, the wedding might of looked like a 5th grader’s diorama!”

The single biggest cost was the bride’s Gucci dress, which cost $14,000. “I am very particular about my clothes!” she laughed. “You will either find me in a ridiculously high end outfit (not that often) or in an enormous tattered hoodie, soccer shorts and sneakers. Outside of the dress, the catering cost the most, and we are OK with that because the food was fantastic.”

“We were very fortunate to have Sabrina Peters from J29 Events as our wedding planner”, Anna concluded. “She truly cared about executing a flawless, creative event and it showed. Remember, there are no rules – plan your wedding around your own taste and do whatever will make you happy!”