Red & Pink Las Vegas Elopement

Ashley Marie Myers

September 19, 2023

Beth and Nick, who met at school when they were 16, eloped in Vegas. They were original going to have their wedding in a barn in the English Countryside with lots of sage green and eucalyptus, but when they decided to switch their plans and do Vegas instead, they changed everything!

“I’ve always loved red and pink together and Sure Thing Chapel was the perfect venue for it”, Beth said. ” We didn’t have much inspiration outside of the idea of getting married in Vegas but once I saw the Nasty Gal cowboy boots and how well they’d fit with the venue, we lent in on the red and pink idea.” 

Beth wore a dress from Molby the Label with her nan’s veil which she dyed pink herself. She also had her jacket custom-painted by Paint Babe Art.

Deciding to stop planning the big wedding and elope instead did present some challenges, particularly with having to tell their friends and family. Beth continued, “I wish someone had told me to go with my gut sooner. When planning the big UK wedding didn’t feel as exciting as it should. The second we cancelled the UK wedding and booked Vegas, it felt like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders that I hadn’t realised was there. I felt a huge buzz of excitement for our wedding (finally!)”

“A small number of people weren’t happy that they wouldn’t be at our wedding but we were lucky in that 99% of them got it and said it was very us. The biggest challenge was being selfish and OK with the fact some people weren’t happy. At the end of the day, your wedding is for you, and nobody else should get in the way of that.”

The couple walked down the aisle together to The Keeper by Blossoms. Their vows were short and sweet, exactly what they wanted, “I don’t think our friends and family back home saw much on the livestream!” Beth laughed. They then had their first dance in the venue to Love Me Like You Wanna Be Loved by Red Rum Club, a band they both love.

After the ceremony they headed out to some iconic Vegas spots for their portrait session with Ashley Marie Myers. “I’d admired Ashley’s work from afar on Instagram and I knew if we were flying all that way, I wanted some really cool Vegas pictures!”

“Just do what makes you happy”, Beth concluded, “Remember, your wedding is for you, nobody else.”