Achingly Cool Secret Las Vegas Elopement

secret las vegas wedding (40)

I promise you this isn’t a staged photo shoot, it’s really Jason and Aimee’s wedding! Are these guys the actual coolest or what!? They were hitched in secret in Vegas last October.

“We met at a coffee shop where I was working”, explained Aimee. “Jason has just moved back to Brisbane. Our wedding was themed around old school Hollywood glam… but in Vegas!”

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“We were inspired by the desert and the appeal of the intimacy of just the two of us. We loved that it was just about us and we loved walking the streets of Vegas at night, madly in love.”

The ceremony was held at The Little White Chapel. “Elvis sang us down the aisle. The room was perfect! Like something out of a Tarantino film… And it was just us, best friends, promising one another that we would no longer have to walk alone.”

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“Eloping made things much cheaper! The ceremony and ‘reception’ (at In and Out Burger!) came to less than $300. Our only major expenses were our flights, our photographer and my dress from Le-lujah Bridal.”

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“The best thing about planning the wedding was keeping it a secret from everyone! My advice to other couples would be to ignore the external pressure. Staying true to who we are as a couple made our wedding day a dream come true. Marriage is the best!!!”

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  1. Yes! We are eloping to NYC from England this year and I cannot wait to escape. Just the two of us, no pressures. These guys may just be the coolest couple in the world! Xx

  2. DeeDee

    You spent your time and money on what mattered to you and look stunning!! It reminds me of a “marathon date”, where the whole day and night is full of shows, music, dancing dinner drinks …until the sun comes up!!!

  3. Sj

    Amazing! I would never imagine doing a wedding that way, but you made me want to!
    “it was just us, best friends, promising one another that we would no longer have to walk alone.”
    Beautiful words!

  4. Jenn

    Where did you guys get that champagne bottle. I’m eloping in May and want a picture just like yours!!??


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