A Stress-Free Las Vegas Wedding

Sydney Morman Photography

July 26, 2023

After planning, and cancelling two big weddings, Rachael and Aaron decided Vegas was going to be their cost-effective and much more fun third try. “Our biggest challenge was the pressure to have the perfect big wedding, but not having a vision for it”, Rachael told us. “When you’re constantly seeing ‘perfect’ weddings on social media, it’s easy to feel pressure yours needs to feel the same. This internal pressure forced us to plan a wedding that wasn’t representative of us. Eventually we decided to scrap our original idea and went with a wedding that fit our personalities.”

They did a grand tour of the sights of Las Vegas for their November celebration and had a blast all day. They had their first look at Seven Magic Mountains where they read private vows to each other. Then then went to the Las Vegas Sign and Little White Chapel for photos before having their legal ceremony at The Neon Graveyard officiated by Elvis.

The photo session went on as the sun went down over the museum meaning they got some really spectacular shots as all the signs lit up. After a steak dinner they then partied the night away on and Fremont Street. They even snuck in some late night McDonalds and the bride (and their photographer!) got commemorative wedding day tattoos! It was the perfect stress and fuss free way for them to finally say “We do!”

“We wanted a wedding that was equally fun, casual and glamorous but without all the pressure to have everything be perfect”, Rachael shared. “Las Vegas was the perfect combination for it all. We just wish we went with our gut in the first place. During the initial planning, every decision didn’t feel right. Should have taken that as a sign that the big wedding wasn’t for us.”

“Don’t go into debt for your wedding”, she advises. “Be realistic with your vision and budget, stick with it. The day becomes significantly more stressful if you’re thinking about the credit card payments after the party.”