Tattoo-Lovers’ Vintage Vegas Elopement

Chasing Brightness Photography

January 22, 2016

Tattooed, Vintage Vegas Elopement (60)

There’s just something about a Vegas elopement. Yes, for many people it might seem like a cliché, but I never fail to get excited about seeing a super cool, super in love couple getting hitched on their own terms. After all, there’s nowhere else in the world quite like Las Vegas!

Tattooed, Vintage Vegas Elopement (17)

“Our inspiration was Ainsley and Sebastian’s epic Vegas elopement AKA the coolest wedding you’ve ever blogged!” said Linda. “We had a trip to the US booked but weren’t planning on getting married there, in fact we weren’t even going to Vegas! One day, I was scrolling your blog, saw their wedding and showed it to Dan. We decided then and there to use the trip as an excuse to get married! When we saw that wedding blog we knew that it’s what we wanted to do too! We basically owe it to your blog that we got married at all and had the wedding that we did!”

Tattooed, Vintage Vegas Elopement (18)

“Deciding to elope two months before the wedding was pretty exciting!” she continued. “We had a short whirlwind engagement that’s for sure! Dan is a tattoo artist so it was important for us to get matching tattoos to commemorate the day too. Another special thing was having Sarah-Kate, my friend and photography business partner, fly over with us from Australia to take photos. With such short notice only my Dad could join us on the day so it was special to have a friend capture the photos to take home to show everyone.”

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The ceremony was held at Graceland Chapel on the Strip. “In true trashy Vegas style we were in and out of Graceland’s chapel in 5 minutes flat! Elvis sang us a tune and we had a little boogie. It was perfect! After the ceremony we went with Sarah-Kate to do our photos.”

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Linda wore a dress they she bought from a charity shop for $10 and her shoes came from eBay. “The biggest expense was our flights but we saved on everything else. I found my dress in an op-shop for $10, it was quite a bit of work to alter it into a mini though. Dan also drew some props to hold in the photos, which I loved.”

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“There’s nothing we’d change about the day itself”, she concluded. “It was so much fun and we did everything we wanted to do. However I wish more of my family could have been there. My advice to other couples would be to put your personality into your wedding and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks!”

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