Uniquely Chic

Amanda & Nick has a super chic, totally personal, 1950’s inspired wedding. From Amanda’s cute polka dot dress from Unique Vintage to the beautiful retro style photography by Made u Look Photography (which even included one roll of black & white film from an old film camera – remember those!?) the whole day ooooozes authentic, rockabilly charm.  The rest of the wedding party’s clothing came from Daddyo’s and Stop Staring Clothing and everyone got pumped and ready for the big day by listening to classic rock n roll music. I just know you’re going to love it!

madeulook (9)

Thanks to Christina for sharing this rockin’ wedding with us today!

Credit: Made u Look Photography


  1. Billie Crocker

    Not only was the wedding beautiful, timeless and classic… The bride and group
    are super AWESOME people!! They did a wonderful job at putting their wedding together with very little help! Congrats again Nick & Amanda!
    Love Yuh Both!!!!

  2. Sean Franey

    Whoa! These pictures are amazing! Bride and groom look awesome and the pictures in the Rambler are perfect for the theme of the wedding.

  3. Jessica Evans

    Absolutely GORGEOUS! perfect couple, perfect pictures. such a beautiful wedding.

  4. Mindy Rumbo

    The wedding was gorgeous! Amanda definately has an amazing sense of style. Nick and Amanda did a beautiful job planning this wedding! The pictures are absolutely perfect. I love them more and more each time I look at them. Congrats! I love you guys!

  5. Looking at these photos just take my breath away!! Christina brought sooo much joy to our married life with these!! I’m stoked that everyone LOVES them as much as I do!! Thanks for the love!!!

  6. Stevie

    This wedding is absolutely beautiful! An awesome day for awesome people. Congrats Amanda & Nick!

  7. Jolene

    I love the look u did for the wedding!! The colors& style are perfect & fit well with ur personality!! Amanda u look amazing!! I’m happy for u both!!

  8. Laci Bracamonte

    Aww these pics are aaamazing!!!! You guys are so cute!!! Looks like a beautiful wedding….wish I was there!!!! But congratulations Amanda and Nick!!!

  9. Ima Fan

    Word is out! This photographer is amazing. I’ve been keeping my eye on her work over the last year from across the country and was pleasantly surprised to see rocknrollbride recognizing her talent as well. Christina’s pictures tell a story. She appears to have a unique way of capturing emotion on film, to the point where I feel like I’m a part of someone else’s special moment. Her funky style and creative eye make her a must-have photographer and separates her from the others. Her vintage photos are magazine ready. She’s the real deal!

  10. Collin Lewis

    This wedding was totally awesome and it captured Amanda’s personality perfectly! Congrats to the new couple.

  11. Krysti

    This is an awesome wedding. So much personality. That Photographer is AMAZING. I have seen a lot of her work. She is so friendly and fun loving and her love for her artistry is evident.

  12. angelica

    wow!!! this wedding looks like it was super fun!!! I work with Michelle and she said so herself. Everything from the dresses to the way the photos capture the moment say, “old hollywood,” which in fact is exquisite and unique!!! may God bless you throughout your years together!!! The photos are gorgeous!!!

  13. Candice

    Gotta love Madeulookphotography.com!!! Those girls have a knack for capturing candid moments that makes viewers feel like they are living vicariously through the photos. Great job!

  14. Lea Ann Chrones

    I first met Amanda when she was in grade school…. she was always a wonderfully original girl who grew into an amazingly rockin woman!!
    Amanda and Nick are a great couple…. the real deal…. The wedding is a demonstration of their genuine love for each other…. the photography proves it!! Good job to all!!!

  15. Sara Parugrug

    I’m so in love with these pictures! No one could have done better! I can’t stop admiring them!

  16. Hector Areyan

    These Pix are SWEEET!! The wedding was a blast and the pictures turned out way rad!!!! BEST wedding EVER!

  17. Dani

    I LOVE this wedding! It looks like a blast! What a cute happy couple. I love the old fashioned feel with a twist of chic. The pictures are jaw droppingly amazing! Some really great, raw, real moments!!!

  18. Marina

    She looks like a brazilian singer, Pitty! And I just LOVE the bridesmaids shoes. PERFECT!!!

  19. Carla

    Another rock n roll bride wearing my dress. It’s making me super excited to wear it in June. Love their pictures.

  20. G G

    The photos rock!!! The photographer capturing it all FABULOUSLY. Heartwarming rock n roll congratulation to the bride and groom.

  21. Mel

    I’ve bought this exact dress from Unique Vintage! Seeing it on this bride has made me 10 times happier, it looked kinda uninspiring on the model on the website, but Amanda totally rocks it! I’m really excited for it to arrive now and only hope I can look half as fabulous as she does.

  22. kitty

    BEautiful!!! The bride and groom are so cute! It makes me want to get married again. American Graffeti.

  23. Greg

    This was amazing. It really took me back in time. The black and whites were like looking at old photos of my parents. The photo with the groom and groomsmen reminded me of some of the old album covers we used to get….Remember albums? Vinyl? They were just before 8-tracks. Which you probably don’t remember either.Too bad because they were part of the good ole days that you hear my generation make mention of every now and then:)

  24. Kathy & Bill

    Hey Amanda your dad told us about the pics. They are AWESOME! And by the way Congrats to you and Nick on the wedding! 🙂

  25. Chuck & Jill

    The most amazing pictures. Everything about this wedding was absolutely beautiful. Amanda did a great job with every detail, from her wedding gown all the way down to the cake and the table settings. Luv u guys very much..

  26. Michelle

    perfection what can I say !! They are so happy and everyone can see it>
    I love the 50’s look its so awesome !! The bride well she is amazing to say the very least> The groom how can you not love Every moment captured to the fullest by this photographer again perfection ! Love you both you are amazing !

  27. Aunt Jean & Uncle Ron

    What a blast this wedding must have been. We were so very sad that we were unable to attend. I guess being in charge of a 50th class reunion was just to much work. We were there in spirt. We always have loved this beautiful bride so much. Nick is such a wonderful guy. They make a great couple. I hope we live to be very very old so we can enjoy this wonderful union of these great kids. We <3 u !

  28. Joan Florence

    A very sweet couple. The photos were so artistic and beautiful. They looked like they were having a lot of fun and they were so happy. Loved the Rambler pics. Mandy and Nick deserve to live happily ever after.


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