Spiritual Elemental Wedding at Joshua Tree National Park

Marco Tombstone

June 30, 2022

Mar and Nancy were Instagram friends for years before they met in person. Inspired by their spiritual journey, they chose to marry in Joshua Tree National Park, California, surrounded by their closest friends.

Their ceremony was unique to them and rather than plan every second, they let everything flow. They told us, “We didn’t plan our vows. We wanted everything to flow organically from our hearts. Our friends used their didgeridoos to cleanse our auricular field, and as a blessing for our union. It was simple, but powerful, given the location, the crystal grid our friends created, and the intention our friends and us set for our union.”

Opting for an outdoor ceremony, they were at the mercy of the weather, however they told us, “Since it was in the national park, we had no control of the weather. It was super windy and cold. All the elements were present. It was very windy, very sunny, it rained before we got there and it snowed that night. We took it as a blessing from the elements.”

“We wanted the ceremony to be intimate. In fact, only one friend was supposed to join us, to marry us, But then her husband and close friends said they couldn’t not be there, so they joined and honestly, it made it that much more special. We all hugged at the end and felt like we had a heart opening activation.”

Spending just $500, their biggest expense was the marriage licence, as they wore clothes they already owned. The only additional spend was the fees to get into the national park. They told us, “The best thing about planning our wedding was that we didn’t really plan it! We asked our friend to marry us, and then our friends told us not to worry about anything. They brought everything, we just showed up!”

Mar and Nancy would highly recommend this approach, advising, “Don’t spend a lot of money on stuff for the wedding. What matters is the intention and the energy you bring to the ceremony.”