Pretty Woman Inspired Shoreditch Elopement

Mark Horton Photos

October 5, 2021

I have a question – could Terriann and Brittany BE any cuter?! “We met 12 years ago,” they told us, “when we were young, wild and free on Birmingham’s gay scene. We went on one date but our lives took us on very different paths. Little did we know that we would meet again and oh what a meet it would be! It was love at first sight, we both never knew what love was until we found each other again. We had a lockdown date that turned into being locked down together indefinitely.”

They decided they wanted an intimate elopement so that the whole day was for them and no-one else. They wanted something cool and wild, where their love was the star of the show. “We were inspired by the line ‘Wild women do and they don’t regret it,’ from the Pretty Woman Soundtrack by Robby Cool, The Angel Singers. We didn’t have a plan for the day, letting love and excitement lead the way. From heart shaped glasses, posing in the streets, stopping traffic so our boots could do the walking to smoke grenades in the back streets of Shoreditch, surrounded by graffiti and sunshine.”

The brides wore matching outfits (of course!) with Chi Chi London dresses, SewFab Redditch veils and Dr Martens in black and white respectively. Their rings were by Adrianna Papell. “There were no room for bridesmaids at this wedding,” so apart from bouquets by Wilde Posies, the rest of the planning was pretty straightforward, “Though we did become obsessed with checking the weather forecast – we love the sunshine and had everything crossed for a sunny day. Fate was on our side though, even though the weather is the one thing you can’t change!”

They had a perfectly intimate ceremony in the Soho Room at The Old Marylebone Town Hall. “We stood side by side, only witnessed by our photographer and videographer, as we turned and stood face to face the emotions ran high. Looking each other in the eye and holding hands tightly, we exchanged our vows, feeling every word. The moment we kissed and were pronounced wife and wife, we couldn’t hold back the smiles… the happiest and most special moment we ever shared. We didn’t let go of each other as we signed the book to the words of Justin Bieber Anyone.”

They let the rest of the day pan out naturally – followed by their photographer and videographer, they sealed the deal of ‘fries before guys’ with a Five Guys wedding breakfast and ice cream at Soft Serve Society. “We were our own entertainment. We were singing our own theme tunes as we paraded the streets of London and lived our best lives.”

“We loved planning our day together in secret. We got to choose everything we wanted and keeping it a secret meant we had no unpopular opinions. The build up to the day, the anticipation, the preparation… we were bursting with love when the day finally arrived. We can’t wait to live our happily ever after as wife and wife, together with our growing family of 5 soon to become 6. Our advice to future couples would be to make sure you have THE BEST photographer and videographer because they’re the ones who will allow your day to last forever. It’s all about the memories that you make – the wilder the better in our opinion.”



  1. AWESOME Images! All of them totally amazing. I adore all the details, the table setting and the map flowers, so creative, and the couples shots, well, quite simply, beautiful.

  2. Louise

    What a lovely wedding, I love all of it
    Funnily enough that table plan is almost identical to what we are having, so high five!

  3. Chloe

    @Louise – no WAY?! C&A and everything?

    Thanks everyone for your lovely comments 🙂

  4. Chery lYearwood

    Man,wish I was there!I’m so glad technology means we can share and love couples like these.It makes me feel wonderful just looking at them.All the best,you are wonderful.

  5. Kitschnkarma

    What a gorgeous wedding and a lovely couple. I wanted to see a pic of that cake inside though. …

  6. Oh wow! I love everything about it – randomly, especially the giant white cat! Why did no one do that at my wedding?? Haha. Congratulations on a gorgeous day!

  7. rachel

    This looks like the best wedding!! Any wedding that features a Wuthering Heights dance automatically wins. And Hamish looks great. I think that there is always such emphasis on THE BRIDE looking wonderful that the “groom” (I’m not sure how Hamish would like to be addressed :)) can be a bit neglected, but why shouldn’t grooms/spouses-who-aren’t-identifying-as-brides get to feel glamorous/sexy/quirky rather than the boringly safe “smart”? Good for you guys 🙂

  8. Chloe

    Thanks Rachel, that’s a lovely comment. Funnily enough, the pink ribbons in Hamish’s boots drew more comment from our friends than any other aspect of either of our outfits!

  9. This has got to be the coolest wedding I’ve come across in a while! I love all the DIY touches from the placecards, the origiami flowers, the cool offbeat design elements. Would have loved to have seen more of the wedding invitations/stationery to see which way it went, DIY or offbeat, or both.
    Also, where can I get that cat costume!

  10. Katy Davies

    Just reading this blog and randomly came across your wedding – thought, ‘hang on, I know who they are!’ You both look incredible, congratulations, I’m so happy for you both. What a brilliant-looking wedding xxx


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