Dark Vintage Inspired Wedding in Lithuania

AA Studio

May 10, 2022

Taking inspiration from the Lithuania’s capital city, Vilnius, Aiste and Gabriel wanted a classic vintage themed day, with some dark twists. They were married in September in created a colour palette of deep reds, which worked perfectly with the season.

“We both love dark colours, exotic flowers and we both share a common interest in vintage and Victorian classic styles”, Aiste told us. “We chose a dark colour palette for our wedding because we like dark aesthetics. Also, we chose to explore a lot of alternative and independent creators with a unique style to help us create those aesthetics. Also, we decided that live jazz music would fit our wedding atmosphere best and we are really happy about this decision – it was marvellous!”

The Catholic ceremony was held at Church of St. Peter and St. Paul in Vilnius, and afterwards they had traditional Lithuanian reception ceremony, where their parents welcomed then with a tray with bread, salt and water.

Aiste explains, “Bread symbolise health, long life and prosperity, salt is for more vivid colours of life and hope. Water symbolises everlasting love, which binds two people together. In a ceremony parents also present newlyweds with a ‘family hearth’. Ours was a handmade ceramic sculpture with a candle in it. This tradition is performed at weddings from ancient pagan times and it symbolises a fire that brings light and warmth to a family and should never go out.”

The reception itself was held in the courtyard of the Imperial Hotel. “We had our wedding in historical buildings with a beautiful atmosphere”, she continued. “Also, we really love old Lithuanian manors so one of them was our main photo spot. The night before our wedding we stayed in a historical old town apartment. On our wedding day, we really wanted to experience an authentic old Vilnius feeling.”

“Do not rush and enjoy every moment of your special day”, the bride concluded. “Take time to find people and businesses you really want to work with and let them express themselves.”