A Lesbian Batman & Snow White Got Married

Blonde Shot Photography

February 9, 2022

Clare and Amy had humanist ceremony followed by a big reception with all their family and friends at the start of December, but they didn’t get the legal bit sorted out at the same time. Just before Christmas, the couple needed to attend Warwick Registry office to sign the papers. However, they didn’t just want to go down in their wedding outfits or jeans, they wanted to make it fun and so opted to hire their photographer again and dress as Batman and Snow White, because why the hell not, right? A few of their theatre friends and besties came along, also dressed as their favourite Marvel or Disney characters and they got some truly memorable photos of the day.

“We are two lesbians dressed as Snow White an Batman getting married… I’m not sure you can get more alternative than that!” the couple laughed. “Although we had our more formal day, neither of us wanted to wear our wedding clothes for the second one. We didn’t conform, and just did what made us laugh.”

The day was done on a super budget, with the only costs being hiring their photographer for a few hours, and the legal ceremony fees. All the costumes they already owned or they found on Amazon. In total they spent less than £500.

Apart from Covid and a few friends having to pull out at the last minute, most of the planning was fairly straightforward. “We are lucky so many of our friends are so talented, and offered to help out, including Clare’s bouquet by the very talented Katie (who was Robin on the day!) Covid and travel restrictions constantly changing was a huge stress as a lot of our family came over for the reception from Ireland. There were friends and family we wish could have been there on the day, but it was out of our control. We just had to enjoy it with those that could make it, and we were so grateful to everyone for being there.”

Because of the energy they brought to the day, the ceremony and photos afterwards were anything but boring! “We absolutely loved seeing smiles on peoples faces in Warwick when we were doing the photos. So many people stopped to say congratulations, and commented how lovely it was to see such a happy occasion. The bin men particularly enjoyed Batman & Robin! There were a number of kids that stopped dead in their tracks, chins hit the floor, just in awe of seeing Batman, Snow White and the gang waving at them. It was such a great feeling to make total strangers smile.”