Rainbow-Loving NYC City Hall Elopement

Sylvie Rosokoff

November 16, 2020

When American Lara and British Kevin got married at NYC city hall last September, they essentially planned their pre-ceremony photo shoot around the incredible rainbow wall in DUMBO, Brooklyn. Lara has a popular Instagram account where she bakes, tastes and photographs rainbow food and baked goods so having a rainbow element to their day was a non-negotiable!

The couple met on OKCupid and talked for months before they ever met in person. However when they did it was love at first sight and Kevin stared the visa process to move over to the US almost immediately! He was finally able to move over to New York a month before they got married. Having a city hall wedding was the perfect option for them, it also meant they had plenty of time for photos with their photographer, Sylvie at some of Lara’s favourite spots.

“We really liked the idea of eloping in city hall. It was definitely a very NYC thing to do for us!”, Lara explained. “Not having it at a formal venue, no specific time frame and the freedom to go when we wanted was perfect for us.”

“The ceremony itself was very intimate, our closest friends and family surrounded us and it was so romantic! We one of the last couples to get married that day, so it was as private as it could be. We loved the whole experience of our day, from getting driven in a vintage taxi, to city hall, to the intimate dinner afterwards. Our advice to other couples would just be to make things as simple as you can!”