A Secret New York City Elopement: Sarah & Mason

Dustin Cantrell

December 14, 2013


Sarah and Mason have a secret for their friends and family… they eloped in New York! Yes, that’s right, no-one knows this, or will know about it until this feature is published! So – er – surprise! They decided to run away to be married in Central Park with a photo shoot around the park and Brooklyn afterwards.


“We had already planned a holiday to New York”, wrote Sarah. “I had just watched a cheesy film called The Vow with Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum where they got married guerilla-style with just the two of them there. I phoned Mason and said how cool would it be too do it in a few months in NYC, and he said ‘lets do it!’ So within a week we had it all booked!”


“We are known not to do things traditionally and we both believe that a wedding should be about the two of you. We wanted to be able to say our personal vows with just the two of us and beautifully sunny day overlooking the lake in Central Park was the perfect setting.”

“We also had wedding tattoos done (individual hearts) at Kings Avenue in Bowery”, she continued. “We loved the whole natural experience of waking up together knowing we were getting married that day, drinking champagne before we went and knowing it was just about us. The weather was amazing and we had drinks on rooftops afterwards. We laughed all day.”


“To our friends and family, if you know the two of us and are reading this it will be a surprise to see this but we couldn’t resist being featured on our favourite blog!” Sarah concluded. “Please feel free get in touch and send us your wishes but please please keep this a secret as we’re having a blessing in Ibiza next year, more of a party,  but guests won’t find out that we actually eloped until the night!”