Kitsch Nineties Inspired Brewery Wedding

Zach Taylor

November 24, 2020

Amy and Ben, who met in Brighton and still live in England, wanted their January wedding to reflect their colourful, creative personalities so they went all out on the kitsch meets 90s inspired décor. Disco balls, colourful tassels and streamers, painted flowers and kid’s toys were used throughout their brewery venue.

As Ben loves home brewing, a brewery in Myalup, Western Australia was an ideal location. They were even able to make their own and created a watermelon and strawberry flavoured pale ale for their guests to enjoy. They designed a logo for the beer that was printed on beer mats and beer runners, too.

Ultimately, they just wanted everyone to get together and have a fun and memorable time. “Organising everything from a different country and the time difference did make everything so much harder and we weren’t able to complete as much DIY as we had originally wanted”, Amy told us. “We realised very late that we needed someone local who could just sort everything out for us and as soon as we got in touch with Sami of The White Owl Collective, she pulled off some serious magic and also managed to get us the most amazing vendors.”

Amy wore two dresses, the first from Rue De Seine and the second which was custom made for her. “It’s a bit cliché, but honestly the best part of the wedding was seeing everyone having such a great time, and seeing the English and Aussies mingling so well”, Amy said. “Although Ben still doesn’t like talking about the ‘Tug of War’ defeat to the Aussies!”

One of the most memorable moments of the wedding was the mosh pit dance floor, which luckily, their videographer caught on camera! “Chris (our videographer) tried to film from the ‘mosh pit’ of the dance floor, when a few of our guests decided to lift him up and carry him round! Thank god he took it well. Another funny moment was our MC Jordan getting cut off from having any more alcohol and being chased round the field by the venue manager when somehow managed to find a drink!”

“A really significant story for us was on the day we got engaged, we saw Chris Hawker play a set at the Lucky Shag in Perth and we both really enjoyed it. So it made sense to have him perform at our wedding and our ceremony. He even learnt our ceremony which was Will We Talk by Sam Fender.”

“For us it wasn’t just a wedding, it was so important to get our families and friends together in one place which probably won’t ever happen again at the same level”, the bride concluded. “Also, we couldn’t have achieved the wedding of our dreams without the amazing vendors that we had, they truly are the rock stars of the wedding!”