Rock n Roll Art Gallery Elopement

Tara McMullen Photography

March 21, 2015

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Kelly and Trish chose the Analogue Gallery, in Toronto for their elopement last September. Exhibiting at the gallery was a music photography show and they both wore 1950s inspired dresses made by British designer Oh My Honey.

“At the point when we finally decided to take the plunge, we had been engaged for a few years”, Trish told me. “Our long engagement had become a long-running joke amongst our friends who presumed we were never going to go through with it. The main reason for our supposed trepidation was that, at the time, same-sex marriage was not legal in England – where we are based – and we felt that although we do not have anything against civil partnerships, we wanted to have the option to get married. Little did our friends and family know that we had decided to combine our wedding with our dream holiday in Canada!”

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“For two years, we planned our secret Toronto wedding and the month-long RV road-trip honeymoon”, she continued. “For a split second we considered keeping it very low key and contemplated tying the knot at City Hall given that it was just the two of us. However, after a Skype session with our photographer, Tara McMullen, we quickly discarded the idea as she reminded us that it was still our big day and we had the right to celebrate our love in style. So City Hall became a Rock n Roll photography gallery and plain clothes became 50s inspired dresses. Our quick elopement became the wedding we never knew we wanted.”

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“Although it was just the two of us, we felt that the women we contacted to make our day happen, made it even more special”, Trish said. “Our photographers were also our witnesses; our officiant delivered the ceremony like we had hundreds of guests; the gallery owners accommodated every request we had – and even gave us some tears when vows were exchanged just like a good friend would.”

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“Our biggest costs were our photographer (totally worth it!) and our honeymoon. We chose to start our married life on an unforgettable adventure. We had a month-long road trip in Canada. However it turns out not having any guests saves you a lot of money!” they laughed.

“Create the wedding you want”, the couple advise. “Allow yourself to be selfish. Your mother will eventually forgive you.”

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