A Colourful Family & Friend Orientated Celebration

Emma Bettes Photography

September 4, 2020

Lottie and Scott’s February wedding was all about the homemade touches. In fact almost everything was DIY including the bride’s dress (made by her mum from a 50s pattern), the rainbow cake and the bouquets which were made up of faux flowers bought from Dunelm. As well as their obvious love of colour, the other thing they wanted their wedding to reflect was their love for their family and friends.

“Our wedding was very family and friends orientated”, Lottie told us, “to me it was all about having the people I love and care about there. Scott loves Ufton Court and the history behind it, so that was why we choose it as our reception venue.”

Another really important factor was the ceremony, held at Greyfriars Church, Reading, which the bride and her family grew up attending. “I decided I wanted my brothers to walk me down the aisle as they have been there for me through the good and the bad”, she explained. “I was so happy that they were there just before we walked in, they made me laugh and really relaxed me.”

“We had the vicar from my husband’s church conduct the ceremony with my vicar to make it extra special. The vicar from my husband church has been a huge part of his life as he watched him grow up and was there for him when both his parents died. He always wanted to marry him when that day came. My vicar is less traditional and did a short talk which everyone could relate to.”

The couple really just wanted the wedding to be one big celebration, not only of their relationship and their lives coming together, but of all the adversity they’ve overcome up to this point. “As well as Scott losing his parents at aged 21 and having to look after his brother and sister himself, I had an eating disorder throughout my young adult life. We wanted to celebrate how much we had achieved in coming together.”

“The best bit of the planning was spending lots of time with my mum, creating and making bits. I will never forget those times the happy moments when our ideas came to life. We used Rock n Roll Bride magazine and Kat’s book which gave us so much inspiration.”