Whimsical, Fairy-like & Magical New York Elopement

Danila’s Photography

June 16, 2020

Jen and Chris eloped on October 31 in New York City. The day was filled with cute personalised touches with an almost whimsical and almost fairy-like aesthetic. However the most important thing to them both having their ceremony in their own way. “Our ceremony was simple and we did not want to have any guests”, Jen began. “We said our vows to each other and promised that we would be together forever. That is how we wanted to get married and we are so happy we did it this way. There was no stress to impress others.”

Jen’s own personal style was the main inspiration for the day and this was reflected in her vintage dresses, flower crown and jewellery and even their ring tattoos that they got done end of the day. “We didn’t strive to make our wedding stand out or be different”, Jen continued. “We just wanted it to be special and fully ours. Our biggest worry beforehand was what the weather would be like! Leading up to the wedding day all of our weather apps were saying it would rain 100%. On the morning of the wedding there was some rain, but once we were ready to go out and get married the rain stopped!”

“Do what makes you feel magical”, Jen concluded. “Do what makes you feel like YOU. Don’t stress over the little things like the weather like I did! The best part of the experience was having the whole day in the city together. Thankfully One Wedding House created an amazing timeline for our day and we were able to enjoy our time and not stress.”