Cold New York Elopement

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March 9, 2015

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Erin and Tony met 10 years ago. He moved in to her building as the on-site caretaker and when Erin went to pay her rent that month she was met with a very handsome, topless man! It was a hot day and she actually though she was a friend who was popping over. I guess after that there was no going back! They couple got together soon after and married in NYC this January.

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“The biggest inspiration for our wedding was really just a celebration of winter”, said Erin. “But it became so much more than that. Ever since Kate Middleton married Prince William and Pippa was in white I have loved white in a non-traditional role for a wedding. Then I came to love the idea of a white tuxedo because I for sure knew a white dress wasn’t for me. We found Tony a white tux three weeks before we left for the wedding. We bought tickets to New York City on a seat sale in October and booked enough time to get there for New Years Eve in Times Square. We weren’t getting married till the 8th of January (on Elvis Presley’s birthday) so we basically had our honeymoon before the wedding and took in every site that we could see. After the ceremony we had a quiet dinner out and celebrated with a fruit flan from the bakery next door to our hotel.”

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The couple had a reception back home in Canada a week later. “At our reception a week later back home in Edmonton, because winter is always so cold this time of year in Canada, we just wanted everyone to feel the beauty of winter surrounded by warmth and love. There was great music, good food, and an intimate space for friends and family that seemed to fit us all just right. For our wedding we had two very special days. Besides, who doesn’t want to wear their dress more than once anyway?!”

“My favourite part of our wedding was having it on two totally different days in two totally different places”, she continued. “It was so special to have the 8th just to ourselves in New York, and then it was just as equally special to celebrate with friends and family back in Canada.”

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“Although our New York trip was quite an expensive way to get married, because I went with a non-traditional green gown I saved money on the dress. I chose it because as soon as I put it on it on I knew it was ‘The One’. It happened to be a discontinued evening ball gown so I got it for a really good price. I also had it customised by an amazing seamstress who added pick ups and redistributed the beads and lace around the body after she took it in at the back. Reusing the materials also helped save money and my dress went from the dress of my dreams to being a one of a kind!”

“Because we’ve been together for a long time, we have seen each other through the best of times and the worst of times”, the bride concluded. “We each knew what we were getting into taking the next step. My words of wisdom to other couples would be that if you’re still standing by each other on your absolute worst day, getting married is the easy part!”

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