Issue 33 is Available for Pre-Sale Early!!

May 24, 2020

Sorry, this product is now sold out!

Exciting news! Issue 33 (July/August) is now available for pre-order! Our last issue sold out in just TWO WEEKS and as so many of you missed out, for the first time ever, we’ve decided to release pre-orders for the next one early. This means we’ll be able to gauge the demand a bit better and we can print enough copies to make sure everyone who wants one, gets one. If you want to guarantee that one of these babies will drop on your door mat then please pre-order yours now. UK postage is free and we ship worldwide. They will begin to ship from June 26th.

We have also made the decision not to put issue 33 in to stores, if you want this one you MUST order it from us. We feel so much better about having you order online right now rather than making you rifle through stores to get it. Many of our stockists are still closed, and those which are open are only offering limited inventory to help reduce the workload on their staff, so this makes the most sense all round.

The theme of the issue is REBIRTH because that’s what we feel is happening in the wedding world right now. While gatherings are on hold we’re seeing a huge shift in the attitude of couples and the wedding industry alike. For brides and grooms-to-be, the general consensus seems to be that you just want to get married already! Your wedding plans are getting smaller, your days will be more intimate and, arguably, even more special and heartfelt, too. You’re focusing less on the ‘stuff’, the extravagance or on throwing the ‘best day ever’. You want to make things simple and personal and to be with your loved ones.

At Rock n Roll Bride magazine we are so here for this, and this issue will help you navigate “the new normal” over the coming months. Inside this issue you’ll find budget-friendly ideas, intimate wedding inspiration and helpful articles and advice to guide you when doing things in your own way (including one we’re particularly proud of about how to deal with fatphobia during your wedding planning and beyond).

Covid-19 has put everything on pause. It’s given you the chance to take a beat, to reassess what you REALLY want for your wedding and to trim the fat, the stuff you were doing just because it was cool… or trendy… or Pinterestable.

With 162 pages of ideas, inspiration and advice aplenty, Rock n Roll Bride magazine is the ultimate companion for those of you leading the way and showing the world what getting married in 2020 and beyond is REALLY all about.

Sorry, this product is now sold out!