Simple & Fuss-Free London Pub Wedding

Cat Arwell Photography

February 13, 2020

Jodie and Anthony, both Aussies, met in London on a dating app. They chose the city that brought them together for their low key wedding, with the intimate ceremony with just 10 of their friends at The Old Marylebone Town Hall followed by an informal larger gathering at the Pub on the Park in Hackney.

“This was our kind of elopement, with our pals here in London”, Jodie explained. “We plan to have a second bigger bash a few years down the line with our friends and family back in Australia. We wanted this one to feel very London and to capture the vibe of the city we’d made home together and all the friendships we’d shared our London experience with. We loved the contrast of the old-English swank of the Marylebone ceremony followed by the belly-up at one of our usual East London pubs.”

Of the £5000 they had, they spent the most on alcohol for everyone! It was a super DIY wedding though with cake and playlist both being done by friends. The venues and their photographer were recommended by other friends too.

“Our wedding was a really fun night because of how relaxed and collaborative it was”, Jodie continued. “Everyone kind of mingled and got to know each other and had a great time. Looking back at the photos we were like ‘OMG, I didn’t realise these people hung out’ or months later friends who’d never met will talk about how they met each other at our wedding. I think that’s really cool.”