Autumnal Art Deco Disco Wedding

Claire Fleck Photography

December 10, 2019

Julz and Andy almost cancelled their wedding… until they discovered Rock n Roll Bride (!!) Planned in just six months, the couple wanted a day that played homage to the art deco styling of their venue and the season in which they said their ‘I dos’. The bride told us, “The magazine pretty much saved me while I was wedding planning. I almost cancelled the wedding so I could grow my hair and lose weight. I couldn’t find any brides at all that looked like me… until your mag came into my life so thank you!”

They were married in October at Leith Theatre in Edinburgh, an old art deco theatre. Although it was undergoing a massive renovation and development, it was very easy to dress because it was already is stunning. “I come from a creative background so found it really easy to dream up a ‘vision’ of how I wanted the place to look”, explained Julz. “I wanted flowers, food, disco and autumn rolled into one.”

The bride wore a one-of-a-kind black and silver sequin dress. She dreamt up the main idea and sourced the fabric and then worked with Rowan Joy to make it a reality. “My dress was pretty unique”, she said. “Dreamt up between myself and my dressmaker, it was a sequin dream and everything that I had wanted in a wedding dress. Plus it’s a dress for life, I have worn it to two other occasions since the wedding. This was really important to me, I have a background in textile design and I always knew I would wear a wedding dress that could be worn repeatedly.”

After their short but sweet ceremony the couple had a mini-picnic together in their own 1960s caravan that they parked outside the venue. “It was a really lovely moment. We got to laugh, chat and eat food as husband and wife! ( I also got to take off the tights I had been wearing, they were so uncomfortable!)” They then headed over to their reception which was decorated by their florist and themselves with silver spray-painted pumpkins, pineapples and pears.

“I loved every single aspect of planning our wedding”, she concluded. ” Meeting so many fun and like minded wedding suppliers and exploring different venues across Edinburgh, chatting about a day where you get to marry the person you love. What’s not to love? It’s made me consider my calling in life as I genuinely can’t think of a time I have been happier. Even the stressful moments were hugely fun and exciting as it was all a dazzling, creative project of my own making. The only thing I would have done differently would have been to stop worrying about losing weight and growing my hair. It’s very easy to be sucked in by the wedding industry and all the ideology that goes along with it.”