Opulent Tim-Burton Inspired Wedding with a Pink Fishtail Dress

Gavin Dougan Photography

November 24, 2019

Kacii and Jay Jay married at Mansfield Traquair, Edinburgh. Known locally as ‘Edinburgh’s answer to the Sistine Chapel’, the exquisite, neo-Romanesque former church was an opulent setting for their March celebration. The couple made it their own, wanting a more casual, fun affair than is usually held there, so they eschewed the traditional expectations and did things the way they wanted! 

Instead of a traditional, sit-down wedding breakfast, they had a buffet, with all their favourite food; mini burgers and chips with curry sauce! They took inspiration from Tim Burton and Alice in Wonderland with coloured fairy lights, a blue and purple vegan cake with three different chocolate based layers and colourful unique outfits that represented them better than the usual ivory and white. 

In fact, Kacii had her dress designed especially for her, “Literally none of the wedding shop bridal dresses made me swoon; I knew then i would have to create my own,” she explained. her unique, ombre fishtail number was dreamed up by her with help from Freja Designer Dressmaking, and was her dream dress… even if it proved not very practical!

“My sister helping me pee into a jug is certainly hard to forget,” laughed Kacii, when recollecting a fun part of their day. “As incredible as my dress was, it wasn’t made for things like eating and peeing. Despite this, I wish I could wear that dress everywhere – its fun being a bride, even if it is fleeting!”

Their biggest expense was their venue, who provided everything from catering to the ceremony, planning to the reception. “It was so great not to have to stress about everything on the day,” said Kacii. “I know package weddings get a bad rep but it felt great to be able to trust the professionals with what they know best and just add our own personal touches here and there.”