Alternative Engagement Ring Ideas for Rock n Roll Brides

November 6, 2019

Charleen, $5693

If you’re reading this, the likelihood is that you don’t want your wedding to be super traditional. Maybe you’re wearing a coloured gown, sashaying down the aisle to your favourite metal song or putting skulls on the tables instead of flowers. All of these things, and many more, are really fun yet fleeting ways to showcase your individuality. After all, once the wedding itself if over they won’t exist in your everyday life.

If you want a more permanent way to showcase that uniqueness as you go on into your marriage, then you might want to consider an engagement ring that feels more ‘you’ too.

Audrix Rustic Light Pink Diamond, $2750
Ava, $2550
Daymis, $1250

Ken & Dana Design, a family-owned and operated wedding jeweller (based in NYC but working with couples all over the world) have a HUGE selection of some of the most unique, alternative and beautiful engagement rings I’ve ever seen. I’m personally loving their range of nude, soft pinks and grey stoned rings, and a raw or rustic diamond gives a very different, much more subtle, overall look than a cut stone would. They’re often a much more affordable option too. I’m here for it!

Indira Radiant, $1800
Delilah, $1945
Delphine, $2450

None of these suit your style? Not only do Ken & Dana Design have a huge range of rings in all shapes and colours, but they specialise in custom engagement rings too meaning so long as you’ve got an idea, they can make it a reality for you!

Ohara, $3200
Starly, $2800
Rhonda, $2400

With a 14-day satisfaction returns policy, flexible financing options, a lifetime warranty on all their rings and free cleaning and maintenance services, Ken and Dana Design also really know how to look after their customers. All their diamonds and gems are conflict-free and ethically sourced (or are lab grown) and their rings are crafted using recycled materials. For more information and to see their full range of stunning wedding and engagement rings, just head over to their website!