Low Key Dublin Ceremony with the Bride in a Hand-Painted Tulle Skirt & Neon Pink Feather Jacket!

Remain in Light Photography

October 5, 2019

Another day, another mega gorgeous real wedding to swoon over. Oh, yes, we’re just too good to you. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say I KNOW you’re going to love this one. There’s no other option really because THOSE OUTFITS ARE EVERYTHING.

Katie, who wore a skirt hand-painted tulle by artist Tiff Manuell perfectly paired with a goddamn neon pink feather jacket, married Darran in May in Dublin. They started the day with their photos, then a pint of Guinness followed by a walk through the city to their ceremony venue. “We just wanted to take a trip around Dublin, have a pint or two and get some cool pictures in front of some colourful artwork!” Katie said.

At their civil ceremony, witnessed only by just a few family members, they started married life as they meant to go on, by walking down the aisle together, hand in hand. “As this was the legal part of the wedding, we wanted to keep it low key”, she explained. “I had bought the skirt online thinking it would be my wedding dress for the big weekend weekend but it was too short. I decided to wear it for the civil ceremony instead. It’s the perfect representation of our personalities. It also enabled Darran to go a bit wilder with his suit. His sallow complexion meant he could pull off mustard when a regular pastey Irish guy couldn’t!”

“The ceremony itself was quite short. We arrived all giddy and the celebrant was disgusted we didn’t have music or readings so we quickly picked Bears Den Agape and walked down the aisle together in fits of giggles! It was much more emotional than I thought it would be and I’m glad we had our photographer there to capture it.”

The biggest cost was the bride’s outfit (“I got stung on customs because the skirt came all the way from Australia!”) but she rocked it with inexpensive ASOS trousers and a €15 white top. “Do whatever you want and screw the rest!” Katie advises. “We didn’t do half the stuff you’re ‘supposed’ to do and we had the best craic. Drink the champagne and have all the fun!”