Intimate Icelandic Elopement: Sophia & James

Nordica Photography

May 27, 2013

Iceland Wedding Nordica Photography 101

There’s something so incredibly romantic about eloping. Running off, declaring your undying forever love and completely forgoing tradition to do something just for the two of you. Well, as soon as I laid eyes on Sophia & James’ wedding, posted in a private photographer’s group that I’m a member of with the caption “I wish I shot this wedding. I think this is just so beautiful. In fact it’s probably one of the most stunning weddings I’ve seen in a while…” I just knew I had to feature it. Thankfully wedding photographers Nordica Photography had the same idea because as soon as I asked for it they said they were literally about to submit it! Oh when the heavens collide…

Iceland Wedding Nordica Photography 122

Wedding bloggers love a quirky detail. We love to showcase new, creative, inventive and unique wedding styling ideas… but sometimes, even more than that, I just really love to share weddings like this. It’s simple, it’s raw, it’s unapologetically honest. It’s real love and real life… The picturesque Icelandic landscapes undoubtedly make these images sing, but really, when you’ve got a backdrop like this at your disposal what more could you possibly want?

Iceland Wedding Nordica Photography 118

“Our wedding theme would be solitary… and cold”, the couple wrote. “It was full of wet feet, ripped tulle, the sea breeze and silence. Our wedding wasn’t supposed to be purposefully alternative. We just did what we felt like. Nobody else factored into it. Our favourite thing about the wedding was the absence of guests, and people in general. The scenery and the great photography totally does it justice. In fact photography was probably the most important aspect for us. We wanted scenic shots rather than traditional wedding photos. We saved money by not obsessing over ‘stuff’ and ‘details’ and only thing we’d change would be to have stayed in Iceland forever…”

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