Art Deco Meets Glam Rock Wedding at The Roxian Theatre

Ryan Zarichnak Photography

August 9, 2019

Heather and Andy’s July wedding was a red carpet event meets glam dance party! Hosted at The Roxian Theatre, which was built in 1929, the art deco surroundings also influenced the theme. They had lots of black and gold as well as jewel tones.

“We wanted a glam red carpet style evening wedding without the stuffiness and knew our venue would play a huge role in setting the vibe”, began the bride. “Our shared passion is music and we spent a lot of our eight-year relationship attending concerts and music festivals together, so we knew right off the bat a concert venue would be our ideal space. We wanted our guests to look and feel amazing, so fashion-wise, whatever that meant to them was cool with us. We offered guests booze as soon as they arrived, and invited them to witness the ceremony ‘concert style’ from the VIP mezzanine boxes.”

Held on the stage at the front of the theatre with their guests watching from above, the ceremony was the bride’s highlight of the day. “I was nervous that our ceremony would come off as super show-y and not authentic, because we were on this huge ass stage”, Heather explained. “We wanted them to feel like they were watching a concert. I could hear everyone cheering and taking it in as the curtain rose and I walked out with my parents. It was SO COOL looking through the lights and seeing the faces of everyone I loved!”

“My husband’s aunt was our officiant, and she exceeded all expectations. We provided her with an outline and she wrote the rest. We wrote our own vows, and I couldn’t believe how emotional I got reading mine, and hearing his. We didn’t have a bridal party, and chose to invite our siblings (me: one brother and one sister, him: one brother) to stand next to us, and also speak during our ceremony. They had the most heartfelt and funny things to say, and it’s a memory we’ll treasure. My advice is have the ceremony you WANT, and your personalities will shine through. We had so many guests say they cried, and loved how unique it was. Our ceremony was my favourite part of the day. It was very ‘us’, and reflected our partnership and personalities. I wouldn’t change a thing.”

The décor included plenty of DIY projects including vinyl records bought from eBay and spray-painted gold to act as charger plates. They also had marquee signs as table numbers and each table had a song lyric personal to the guests sitting there. “We loved brainstorming lyrics for these, and our guests got a kick out of them. We also had many little Easter eggs waiting for our guests on each table such as props and inside jokes from our past adventures. My family table had excerpts from my Sweet 16 candle ceremony that I wrote to them over 15 years ago at their place setting.”

“A wedding is whatever the HELL you want it to be, don’t be scared to highlight your personalities and love story”, Heather concluded. “That being said, hire a day of coordinator. I didn’t worry about a damn thing, and they slayed the day. It was worth every cent for my peace of mind on the day.”