Body Positivity for Boys: A Dudeoir Photo Shoot!

Neon Productions

May 24, 2019

Boudoir shoots have never been my favourite things but DUDEoir? Now this is something I can totally get on board with! There is definitely not enough wedding content aimed at men and there certainly isn’t enough body positive content for them so I am SO HERE FOR ALL OF THIS.

This total bad ass, Oskar, wanted to do something fun for his bride-to-be, Britny, as a wedding present. As many women have done before him, he decided that his own version of a boudoir shoot would not only be funny as hell but would help his self-confidence as well.

“He wanted to surprise her and that he did!” photographer Morgan Brink of Neon Productions told us. “Using his unique quirky personality that everyone loves, we put it to use in this epic way! Inspiration came from your normal boudoir sessions but now with a twist! We also did a boudoir session for Britny (Oskar had no idea) which was a pin up theme I had the same flower crown made for both of them and they both blew kisses to each other!”


This is a really fun, funny and unique new take on a normal boudoir session and I for one am SO here for it! So come on boys, show us what you’re made of!