A Photo Shoot Turned Surprise Wedding!

Tara Scott Photography

March 24, 2019

Brittney and Caleb has a huge wedding planned in downtown Dallas. Almost everything was in place but it was all becoming too much so they decided to cancel and elope instead. Working in the wedding industry as a make up artist, Brittney then had the idea of pulling together a photo shoot with some of her industry contacts where they’d actually get married for real!

Audrey of Something Bloomed, is a florist who Brittney works with often anyway, so she brought her in to help pull together this ‘shoot’. “Audrey and I had already been planning to do a styled elopement shoot together, so after we cancelled our big wedding, we realised that everything we were planning fit in with my vision of a perfect elopement anyway so we decided to just get married FOR REAL and use us instead of models!'”

“I really loved having the privacy of just having us there. I love the industrial look of it and having cake on a roof top. We wanted something moody and romantic and I think Audrey and Tara, our photographer, achieved that with the style of the elopement and photos. I was really inspired by our trip to Salem the year before and all the wonderful colours and just the beautiful tones and flowers you see everywhere. Wee really wanted to bring that feeling to life in our wedding without appearing too goth or over the top. We knew we wanted something small and very us.”

Britney’s dress came from David’s Bridal and, of course, she did her own make up. “As Iʼm a make up artist I do a lot of weddings and I see my brideʼs being overwhelmed all of the time. Iʼm so glad I pulled out of our big wedding at the last minute because I did not want that to be me!”

Since everything was pulled together quickly, the couple each just invited one friend to witness but they didn’t tell them what they were going to be there for! “They had no idea what was happening so they had NO clue we were getting married until they saw me walk out and we all just laughed and cried together. It was so perfect!”

“Our ceremony was amazing”, she explained. “I walked down the aisle to a version of Toxic by Britney Spears but covered by Sofia Karlberg which is a beautiful slow-downed version of it. My brother made a really touching speech and was also really funny. We took shots of fireball instead of doing any sand pouring or knot tying for our ‘union’ which was way more us than anything else we could have done. My husband cried which was so surprising because I really did not think he would which caused me to cry much more than I thought I would!”

Although they LOVED how they got married in the end, they did find it hard not having all their families there so they do plan to have a big reception for everyone at some point in future. “The worst part was deciding not to have our families there. My husbandʼs my family is very relaxed and was okay with it, my family was not so much okay with the decision so there was definitely some tension about it but we stand by our decision and Iʼm glad we stuck to our guns about it. Ultimately, our day was prefect and I would not change anything about it.”