Intimate Georgia Elopement: Zack & Laura

Stephanie Cobb Photography

April 30, 2013

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This laid back couple met online and spent their first dates huddled on Laura’s sofa, watching movies and eating food that she’d cooked. So needless to say when it came to their wedding they wanted to keep it as low key as possible too. “We have always been such an easy couple, lots of love and not much hassle of going overboard with things”, Laura explained. “His proposal a year after we met was perfect. We were in the mall and he pulled me into a photo booth and he proposed while the photos were being taken inside. It was perfect!”

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“Zack and I have wonderful families”, she continued. “His family is from Ohio, and mine from Florida, and without their support on our choice to marry alone I don’t think it would have gone so smoothly and stress-free as it did. We wanted to focus on us and our love rather than put together a big wedding. It all worked out perfectly for us. We love you family!”

The ceremony was held in front of Kehoe House in Columbia Square, Savannah, and afterwards they had a meal, just the two of them, at Olde Pink House. “They welcomed us and treated us like royalty!” Laura said. “We sat in huge leather chairs in front of a fireplace in the tavern as a piano was being played in the background!”

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“After the wedding we were carried away on a carriage ride provided by Madison Tour Co. The tour was wonderful and Savannah was so welcoming. We received so many congratulations as we rode down the streets! Our ride back from the Olde Pink House was just as perfect! Our favorite part of the wedding though was how all of the individual, nerdy and quirky things we loved worked so well in the end. From the Darth Vader helmets, to our Dalek cake topper and our Doctor Who inspired wedding vows. We didn’t collaborate on our vows but they ended up being very similar – we’re obviously made for each other!”

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“If you’re interested, this is what we said as our vows”, Laura concluded. “Zack said ‘I Zachary Ethan Adamski, take you, Laura Amanda Cumbo to be my companion through time and space and all of eternity. I promise to be the Doctor to your River Song, the Han to your Leia, the Harry to your Ginny. In times of good and times of evil, this I promise you until the of the world or year 5.5 slash apple slash 26.’ I said back to him ‘My Zack, my precious, you are my missing part, my lover, and my best friend. I make this promise to be loving, loyal, silly, but to also be a listener and to be honest with you always. I’ve waited a long time to have you come into my life, so here I am, the girl who waited ready to be your companion till we are eggs-exterminated. We are going to be FANTASTIC, Geronimo!'”