Big Sur Bohemian Elopement: Ulysses & Cyntia

Helios Images

March 10, 2014


As far as simple and breathtaking weddings go, I think this family focused elopement in Big Sur, California wins everything. It was just Ulysses, Cyntia and their two gorgeous children, Phoenix and Galaxy in attendance. Their officiant, Colette Cucchia, was there to marry them overlooking the water and their wedding photographer captured the whole thing beautifully.


“We both really like the small and simple weddings”, Ulysses began. “Our children also inspire us, they were very central to our wedding. A unique part of our wedding was the Greenbrier. We really love that van and thought it would be nice to have it featured in our wedding pictures. Different to the norm? We are a non religious family and our wedding reflected that.”


“We saved a ton of money by not doing what most of the world considers a wedding. We marry each other, its the union of TWO people. All the rest is just bullshit. We did what we felt was right. The wedding plan came together the week before we married. Once we had the wedding locked up, we loaded up the van and hit the road. The most expensive part of the wedding was our photographer but, clearly, he was worth every penny!”


“Don’t get hung up on tradition”, he concluded. “You’ll be invited to plenty of traditional weddings in life. Make sure your wedding is truly your own and not what other people think it should be.”