A £1000 Budget, Nine Month Pregnant Bride & Only the Things That Really Mattered

Pink Photographics

December 9, 2019

When Bryony fell pregnant quicker than planned, they ditched their grand plans for a huge, three-day circus inspired festival wedding, with a huge budget and decided to just focus on what really mattered. The bride wore a £35 dress from ASOS and their reception was at their local Chinese restaurant – no decor, no cake, no fuss.

“I had our son a week after we got married”, Bryony explained. “We didn’t really have a theme, we just wanted it as simple and stress-free as possible. It was just about making promises in front of a few people we love. We were so laid back and chilled about the whole thing. We left everything until last minute, only had a handful of guests and had a non-traditional evening – it was perfect!”

The ceremony was short and sweet and they wrote their own vows. “Liam wrote the most beautiful vows I’ve ever heard and everyone was in tears, even the registrar. I walked down the aisle to Queen and I’m planning on having a line from his vows tattooed: ‘Thank you for the miracle of you’. I’ll never forget him saying that to me.”

“In retrospect there wasn’t anything I would have done differently”, the bride concluded. “I didn’t need the stress of a big wedding when I was so heavily pregnant, and how last minute it was suited us down to the ground. We initially wanted a huge wedding but when we started planning it, and it was becoming bigger and bigger, we felt it was taking away from how loving and wonderful our relationship is. We felt that should be at the forefront of our wedding rather than it all be for show.”