Mermaid and Fairytale Inspired Elopement by the Sea

Julie Floro

August 20, 2018

Celia has always always dreamed of being a mermaid, and both her and Jared have a strong love for the ocean, so they knew they had to make their commitment to one another standing in the waves. They live close to where their ceremony was held – El Matador Beach, Malibu – so knew the location would be perfect roaming cliffs, sunset views and ocean that stretched for miles and miles.

Celia always imagined getting married in a less traditional way, and this carried through in her blush, tulle dress and choice of flowers; she bought a simple bouquet from the supermarket and added natural pieces that they collected on their walk to their ceremony!

“I picked green and yellow mountain crawlers from the cliffs, and dried washed up kelp from the ocean. It all came together to create a beautifully natural bouquet fit for a mermaid!” explained Celia.

Their ceremony was simple and intimate; performed by a local officiant, and included just the two of them, by the ocean, at sunset, right at the oceans’ edge. Afterward they wandered off hand in hand to take pictures in the water and along the beach. “It was pure magic and a dream come true,” said Celia.

While the beach was filled with onlookers, photographer Julie Floro performed some magic to make it look as if Celia and Jared were the only people there. “Although our ceremony was absolutely perfect,” said Celia, “If I were to do anything differently it would’ve been to find a more secluded setting. It was a little distracting facing all the onlookers, but we managed to just block them out!”