Intimate Beach Ceremony in France: Anna & Jarrah

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No matter how many weddings I feature, or how many cool, quirky and original décor and details I see, it is always the simple and emotional, small weddings, that really slay me. Elopements, intimate ceremonies, the great outdoors. Anna and Jarrah did exactly this, travelling from their home in Australia to a beach in France, with just their parents and very best friends in attendance.

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“We wanted to include the elements of nature in our wedding”, began the bride. “Jarrah grew up in Margaret River and has surfed since he could walk and I’m a Perth girl who loves the beach and nature. We also wanted to make everyone feel a part of our day and we didn’t want the stress of a normal wedding. If we had the wedding at home it would have had the stress of inviting guests we don’t know. This way the parents were just happy to be a part of it and no stress was put on us.”

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“Everyone had a part in the day, my father still got walk me towards my new husband and ‘give me away’. Both father’s got to help ‘burn’ the past, the ladies sang a beautiful ballad, Jarrah’s twin sister got to say some beautiful words while placing the crowns on us both. My mother handed us our rings. We also tried to include the different religious traditions, to be married in my father’s religion there is the procession with the crowns, and both religions also have the tradition of offerings with food and fermented beverage. So we chose simple flower crowns during the ceremony and everyone was offered croissant and champagne to complete the ceremony.”

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  1. Cara-Leigh

    Magical! A wedding like this make you re-think all of the uneccessary fuss that goes into most. Really beautiful.

  2. Wow! Just WOW! I wonder why they came all the way to France, I guess it’s where one set of parents live or something… but anyway, this is truly beautiful. Love the intimacy <3

  3. Thank you at all. I officiate many ceremonies on French beaches and my most clients come from Australia and New Zealand. Because they love my spiritual style. Contact me for more information if it is your dream !


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