Super Chilled Swedish & British Backyard Wedding

Kate McCarthy Photography

November 2, 2017

Nina and Zakk were legally married in Sweden, where the bride is from and the groom works as a tattoo artist, but also wanted to have a celebration in the UK, where the groom grew up. Despite living in Sweden for the last few years Zakk has a lot of family and friends in the UK so having a second celebration on Zakk’s parents’ property made a lot of sense. The location was a sprawling, beautifully maintained stretch of land that boasts a duck pond, tree house and playground  – perfect!

“Our wedding theme was ‘Summer Chill'”, said Nina. “The inspiration for the wedding was really just us being us, and letting friends and family to be a part of our love for one day.”

As they were already legally married, they could do whatever they liked for the ceremony. “We wrote the ceremony ourselves. Our crew walked down the aisle to Nothing Else Matters by Matt Johnson, I walked in with my dad to What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong. Ethan, who led the ceremony, welcomed everyone and then he read a poem that we both liked. Then Zakk played ‘his song You’re Welcome by Dwayne Johnson from Moana for me. Then we read our vows, had the ring exchange and then I played my song to Zakk which was Video Games by Lana del Rey. Afterwards the Zakk picked me up and carried me back down the aisle to Happy Together by The Turtles!”

They did a few DIY projects to really personalise the day. “We had an arch made for our wedding, used wellies as flowerpots and had a bathtub filled with flowers and candles. I made our family tree from photos of our closest relatives. The venue had a pond so with massive entourage from the bridesmaids and best men we decided to get in a boat and row around on it!”

“The best part of planning the wedding was seeing everything come together”, she concluded. “The hardest part was planning from abroad because we were living in Sweden at the time! Our advice for future brides and grooms would be don’t stress about the small things, people will not care if your table plan is perfect, if they do they are there for the wrong reason! Most of it all just have fun and don’t worry about little things that might go wrong. No plates or spoons for the cake? Who cares! Who doesn’t like eating off a napkin? People will attend your wedding because they love you and they are happy for you, if the love is there nothing else matters.”