Disco Love Kid’s Party Wedding in Brighton

McKinley Rodgers

August 24, 2017

Michaela and Dave both love going out and dancing and so wanted their wedding to have that same feel. Their theme was ‘ A Disco Love Kid’s Party’ full of entertaining things to bring people together. They had face painting, a photo booth, colouring in and pick and mix! Ultimately, they wanted the wedding to feel like the most fun night out you can imagine and all in honour of their love. 

They decided to only keep traditions that suited them. They had no sit down meal, the only speech was made by themselves, Michaela’s mum and dad walked her down the aisle and they both took each other’s names.

“I was so nervous before the ceremony that I couldn’t remember my age to tell the officiant,” Michaela laughed. “In our vows we included everything we felt was important for our lives together. We also added the last sentence which is what Leslie Knope and Ben Wyatt say to each other on Parks and Recreation as they are our couple goals… ‘I love you and I like you’. I walked into the Scala choir version of Teenage Dirtbag which means a lot to me since we were both misfit teenagers who feel lucky to have met each other and fallen in love (and mutual respect).”

The evening party part of the wedding started as soon as they entered the reception venue at 5pm as they didn’t have a formal sit down meal. “Before we did our first dance and speech people just wouldn’t shush so we had our Shakespearean actor friend Rob shout, it was a funny moment that broke the ice. All our guests were so awesome and because it was so tightly planned it meant we all had an amazing time and it felt like a relaxed party.”

Their biggest expense was their photographers and videographers followed closely by their venue, OhSo Social on the seafront. “We knew that was what we wanted to spend the most money on as the photos are what’s left after we all went home”, she explained. “We don’t regret a single penny as they weren’t just the most friendly and talented people, they also calmed us on the day. They captured the essence of our story and there are photographs I can’t believe are me because I look so beautiful. We did save money on food by having canapes and a buffet rather than a sit down meal, but we ploughed that money straight back into the booze budget! Definitely the correct choice for us.”

For DIY Projects they made the hankies and card box, all the sunglasses favours, decorated the cake (including the dinosaur cake toppers) and I created the beach themed sweets table. “Dave was such an amazing partner and loved joining in on the arts and crafts but he also trusted me to make decisions. I loved every second whether it was scouring the internet for cool entertainment and clothing, to searching for cakes I wanted to recreate on Pinterest and having a copy of Rock n Roll bride everywhere I travelled, I loved it! In fact it has inspired me to set up my own hen and wedding planning business for couples who don’t identify with the ‘standard’ wedding image.”

“Our advice for future brides and grooms is to try and find a balance between having a day that is magically ‘you’ and making sure friends and family (who have always been there for you) feel involved and appreciated”, she said. “We are a very independent couple but we made sure people who wanted to help did.”

“The wedding industry can be a very whitewashed and uninspiring place full of one type of model and wedding. In my planning I sought out and found amazing body positivity pages, books and Instagram accounts to bolster my confidence and re-iterate to myself it’s the industry which is wrong and not us. It needs to change and pages like Rock n Roll Bride are helping with that. We are all worthy of love and feeling fabulous regardless of size, colour, gender, nationality, sexuality and how able bodied we are. Don’t shop at, give your time to or look at anything which makes you feel anything less than amazing in the run up to your big day!”