Eclectic and Floral Wedding

Nichola Morton Photography

June 1, 2017

There’s one thing you’re all going to notice right away with this wedding – the bride’s amazing, and enormous, flower crown! I mean, wow!  The best part is she made it herself. “After being quoted different prices from several places, my sister and I decided to give it a go ourselves”, Robyn explained. “We ordered the artificial flowers online and bought a headband from Claire’s Accessories. After a few nights of pinning and gluing, on occasions having to de-glue our fingers and thumbs from the headband, we finally mastered the skill of using a glue gun and the headpiece was complete!”

The rest of Robyn and Lewis’ wedding, held at Eaves Hall in Lancashire was just as colourful. “Our wedding was a bit of a mix of vintage and floral an a quirky edge.  We both love anything olde worlde so any pictures or ideas we saw from Downton Abbey or out of books we added to our collection.”

“All our decorations were provided by our florists, Bramble and Lace, apart from our guest book. We decided to use a wicker love heart that our guests could write a postcard, provided from all the countries we have visited, and then tie them to the heart. We now keep this in our bedroom and love reading through it.”

“Our main aim is that we wanted everyone to have a good time and enjoy themselves so they didn’t feel they had to be too formal. By included everything we love and enjoy meant that the day was perfect to us and fitted our personalities! In terms of DIY, my headpiece was the biggest challenge but it was everything I had imagined and I didn’t want to take it off! We also made the wedding favours, plant pots with our wedding date on and a small bottle of wildflower seeds.”

“There is nothing I can think of that I would do differently about our wedding”, she concluded. “Oh, actually we didn’t get any of the evening food because we were so busy dancing and chatting so maybe I’d change that! My advice for other couples would be to just enjoy the whole process and understand you are not going to please everybody so just do what you enjoy. Plan the day for you!”