Neon Hair & Hot Pink Boots: A Vegas Elopement Planned in 10 Days

Aimlee Photography

May 16, 2017

Katie and Eric had one goal for their wedding: To be married. Even though they’d been taking about getting hitched for a while, they decided to elope in Vegas just ten days before!

“When you elope, the theme kind of just becomes ‘you two'”, said Katie. “Our day was very us – full of colour, laughter and love! When you plan everything so quickly the internet is a wonderful thing. I used Google, Pinterest, Yelp and Rock n Roll Bride to help us find vendors in Las Vegas, a city we are not native to. I made a ton of phone calls and emailed so many people in the days leading up to our big day.”

“The starting point for inspiration was the fuchsia pink velvet mod boots I wore. I was originally looking for silver boots that I had just found online which were from & Other Stories, but then Eric spotted the bright pink ones in the store and suggested those instead. He knows me so well, that must be why I married him! Everything kind of fell into place after that. My flowers and hot pink lipstick all went back to the boots. Even when we were picking out Eric’s navy blue velvet jacket, we thought, ‘Will it look good with the boots!?'”

They started their day with a photo session then headed to Little Church of the West Wedding Chapel for their ceremony (many Vegas chapels insist you use their in-house photographer). “Our biggest expense was our photos, but we knew it would be. Since we eloped, we wanted to make sure we had great photos to share with our family and friends. Not only did we purchase the photo package from the chapel but also we hired a professional photographer to take photos of us before the ceremony. I actually found Amy while scrolling through Las Vegas weddings on Rock n Roll Bride!”

“After the ceremony we hopped back in the limo and started making calls. No one knew what we were up to and it was time to spread the big news! We were a bit nervous about our family and friends’ reactions, but everyone was so happy and supportive. We even recorded a few of our more animated friends reactions.”

“The best bit of the wedding was just being together. Eric and I are the perfect team. We enjoyed every part of our day, just the two of us. From room service for breakfast, to getting ready in the hotel room, to giggling and braving the cold for amazing photos, to the limo ride to the chapel, to the perfect little ceremony, to calling our families to share the great news, to our first dinner as husband and wife at Hugo’s Cellar – the entire day was perfect.”

“The time constraint was the best and worst part of planning our wedding”, she concluded. “It was great because it pushed us to make decisions faster than we normally would have, but with only 10 days, there was not much time to waiver. It would have been nice to have a bit more time to order things and prepare, but honestly, it all turned out better than we could have imagined.”