Colourful Mexican (Second) Wedding

Julián Castillo

May 23, 2017

Jou and Fer were officially married in Guatemala in 2015 – in fact we featured their amazing steampunk wedding on this very blog! However, since the bride is Mexican, they decided they wanted to have a second, religious celebration as well. Their theme was simply ‘Mexico’.

This second wedding took place in July at Hotel La Cañadita. “We had a lot of friends playing a important roles in this day”, said Jou. “Apart from the caterers and the DJ, everyone who provided services were all friends. This made it very special for us.”

The ceremony was held in a beautiful garden. “It was rainy season but we were lucky that it was a sunny day. I made a funny mistake during the vows – I said ‘I take you as my wife’ rather than husband and everyone laughed before I’d even realised what I’d said. It’s impossible to pick just one favourite moment from the day but the ceremony was pretty special. I also loved when my dad cried while I danced with him. Fernando said his favourite part was that everyone got really drunk!”

“Our biggest expense was the food because we wanted something very memorable. Our menu consisted in a salad with ‘chapulines’ tortilla, rosa de Jamaica sauce, chicharrón soup, pink mole with meat, xtabentun rice and natural ice cream of guava and sapote. However we saved on the things we DIY’d – the stationery, the music, my dress (which was my mums), hair and make up and the cake. People did these things as wedding presents for us.”

“Our advice for future brides and grooms would be to enjoy every part of it, from the planning to the day itself. Also make your parents feel like their opinions are important. If they want to participate in the organisation, let them. It is a very important day for them too, they can have cool ideas too!”