Mexican Fiesta in the English Countryside: Julia & Stephen

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Julia & Stephen were married at Knowles Lodge, Yorkshire, in September. The wedding, although set in the English countryside, had a colourful Mexican fiesta theme! “We wanted the day to be relaxed, intimate, rustic and fun”, explained Julia. “I knew I wanted bright colours, and I have an obsession with Mexican food so a fiesta theme seemed to fit. As soon as I saw the Mexican team at the opening ceremony of the Olympics I knew we’d picked the right theme!”

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“We had no idea about traditions before we planned our wedding, which was definitely a good thing because it meant it wasn’t a particularly traditional wedding”, she continued. “I always had a dream of getting married in a forest but there aren’t many places in the UK where you can get married outside, so we were really lucky to find one. We took a huge risk planning an outdoor ceremony at the end of September, but the risk paid off and the weather was beautiful. We were so lucky because the week in the run up to the wedding saw the worst storms in the area for 30 years!”

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They hired a tipi which they decorated themselves. The colourful stationery, cake, flowers and table decor all worked so well together. They even had a pinata which I can imagine was a lot of fun!

Mexican_Mark Tattersall_153

So gorgeous! Thank you to Julia & Stephen and their wedding photographer Mark Tattersall for sharing with us today.



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