Rockabilly Wedding with Hot Rods and Rock n Roll!

Rockabilly Wedding with Hot Rods and Rock n Roll! (44)

Sioux and Tommy wanted their wedding to reflect their combined attitudes and what their life is all about. Sioux is a pin up girl and Tommy loves hot rods and Rock n Roll. Their relationship is basically straight out of Pulp Fiction! Not surprisingly their wedding theme was a rockabilly, hot rod, Rock n Roll all out fun fest complete with cars, a candy table and a Harley Davidson set up next to the card table!

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“Our ceremony was short but filled with references to Game of Thrones, fishing (Tommy is a fisherman!) and making sure I knew I had to obey (!)” explained Sioux. “At the beginning our 103lb Doberman Gunnar walked down the aisle with a sign that said, ‘Daddy here comes your girl’. Our officiant was a good friend of ours and really went the extra mile when writing up how to perform our ceremony. He even shot fireballs from his cuffs at our introduction! We aren’t religious so our officiant’s special touches really meant the world to us! The funny thing is we were BOTH late to our own wedding. We were both stressing over being tardy to the other but in the end neither of us realised the other was late!”

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The couple did a lot of DIY projects, but had lots of help from family and friends. “EVERYTHING was DIY”, she continued. “Tommy made the Coca Cola/ Sailor Jerry favours and the ring bearer treasure chest. My bridal party – Dawn, Sheena, Emily, Caroline and Wendi – and my mother, Marylou, and I made lots of things too including the candy dish adornments, the card box, signs, plate chargers (made of vinyl records with a custom label) and table seating cards. My mother made the polka dot centrepiece cloths. We all chipped in and had a blast making everything.”

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“We have a few favourite parts of our wedding day. Firstly, our entrance: We rode into the tent in a low rider hot rod truck custom painted for us! Tommy was revving the engine as the song 16 Dollars by Volbeat was playing. We also loved our first dance to the King himself Elvis Presley’s Can’t Help Falling in Love With You with a twist. We cut to Teenage Wedding by Chuck Berry and did the Uma Thurman and John Travolta dance from Pulp Fiction. Another favourite bit was my bridesmaids surprising us with a custom rap to the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song with the subject of me moving from Boston to Key West and finding my love!”

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“Our biggest expense was our catering, they did a fantastic job! But we saved money with all the DIY projects and by a really close friend lending us the hot rod. However the biggest money saver was choosing to get married in Gloucester instead of Key West. Since Tommy is a fisherman and his family had to fly in from Israel, Gloucester was the clear money saving choice.”

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“Our advice to future brides and grooms is that it’s YOUR day and your night so do it together. Be involved in each others ideas and visions and you will come up with an amazing and fun time for everyone. I would tell you not to stress but I’m a realist. We all stress when it comes to the big day. And of course….KEEP ON ROCKIN!”

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  1. Thank you for all the love. Sioux and Tommy are such amazing people, it’s awesome to share their love for each other with everyone.

  2. Lysane

    Great photos…looks like it was a rock and roll celebration. Amazing Memories to keep forever. Congratulations to Sioux and Tommy and Photographers Jenn and Pawel.


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