Nerdy Music Lovers South African Wedding

Duane Smith

February 19, 2017

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Lilly and Steven’s South African wedding was inspired by all the things they love, namely Star Wars, Harry Potter, James Bond, Pulp Fiction, Leonardo Da Vinci, Xbox, BMTH, Rocky Horror, Sherlock Holmes and Call of Duty! They also featured lots of music, something they are both passionate about too.

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“We refused to go the traditional route with anything”, said Lilly. “My main concern was that suppliers would try to bully me into having things I didn’t want. We were so lucky to find people who understood us though!”

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“The head table was names after the song by The Subways Be my Rock n Roll Queen which was featured in the Guy Richie film Rocknrolla (which is also one of our faves). It was also the song we made our grand entrance to. Everything was well thought out and meant something to us. We cut our cake The Imperial March so basically this was a nerd’s wedding!”

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“The centrepieces were all our own stuff many of which we had to put together. The placemats were records and we designed the sticker to be themed. My shoes were designed and made by one of our best friends, Aidin de Lisle, who is a tattoo artist. I made our invitations which were little records too!”

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“The day was amazing from start to finish”, she continued “Things went wrong (a groomsmen was late, it rained (although I had hoped it would), which took most of the curls out of my hair) but nothing took away from how perfect everything was. Knowing that people would drive an hour and a half to witness our wedding, all our friends and family together having just as much fun as we were – it was honestly amazing!”

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They spent the most money on the decor and flowers, but the bride saved big time on her dress. “Initially I wanted to do everything myself but Steven convinced me that that was a horrible idea and I would be so knackered I couldn’t enjoy our wedding. Brenda of La Joy was absolutely incredible. She set up and broke everything down for us and was flawless. She really understood our vision and our personalities.”

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“My dress was our biggest saving because I knew exactly what I wanted and not one bridal boutique had it. They tried to sell me dresses that made me look like a meringue and I eventually went to a dressmaker who could make my dress without me having to sell a kidney on the black market. I paid less than a tenth of what the boutiques charged and it was perfect!”

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“The best thing about planning the wedding was getting all the little tiny details to represent us”, she concluded. “Like a banner saying ‘Steven Yoda one for Lilly’. I would say to future brides and grooms to remember that it’s their day and to do it their way! This is the one time you don’t have to please everybody so make it a day you can look back on and think ‘Shit, we had a blast!'”

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