Comfortable & Colourful Czech Republic Wedding

Martin Pibyl

December 8, 2016


Barbora and Jakub were married in the Czech Republic, where weddings tend to be very traditional. Their budget was around £3000 and they decided they wanted to do things their way. The bride especially wanted to feel like herself on the day and so wore an outfit that she felt comfortable (and colourful) in!


“We did not keep any Czech wedding traditions and we arranged everything ourselves”, she explained. “Our day turned out exactly how we wanted it to be. We wanted it to express our characters and interests. Everybody was excited and amazed with our festival inspired wedding.”


They planned everything in just four months. “We now know that four months is not a lot of time to arrange everything!” she laughed. “We made the invites, decorations and prepared the food ourselves. There was a lot to do!”


“With only a few days to go, feeling very stressed about everything we still had to do, we did consider that we might have made the wrong decision to have such a big wedding. In that moment we thought we should have kept thing simple and just had a tiny wedding with a few guests. However, on the day, we were happy with how everything turned out. We would not have changed a thing in the end.”